There are many situations when you can't get too or use a power washer. When that happens, we grab our iK Foam Pro 12. This is our go to pump sprayer when tackling small-medium size projects using our foaming soaps like Liquid-X & FOAM. With its durability, thought out design and convenience, the iK Foam Pro 12 is an amazing tool for the price. Easily fill with your liquid of choice, pump and you got foam!


  • 30" tall with lance assembled 
  • 1.5 Gallon useful capacity 

  • Strong translucent tank with indicator level

  • 60 PSI safety valve with depressurization option

  • Includes 3 color-coded mixer adapters:

    -ORANGE to Create Very Wet Foam,

    -GREEN to Create Very Dry Foam

    -GREY that Creates Standard Foam 

  • Easy assembly and dismantling for maintenance, tool free

  • Funnel shaped, wide mouth opening for easy filling 

  • Metal lever on trigger release valve

  • Filter in the lance

  • All seals, plastic parts and washers resistant to most acids


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