INTERIOR: Cleaner / Detailer


An all in one cleaner + detailer for your interior.

Here at Chem-X we have always focused on shining up the exterior of your favorite ride. We soon figured out that we were forgetting one of the most important aspects of cleaning a vehicle, the inside. Now you can continue that Chem-X shine right into the cockpit of any vehicle. Getting into your freshly cleaned interior is something very special and personal, it instantly creates those feel good vibes.

Cuts through grime and dirt fast and easily. 

Shines & rejuvenates surfaces. 

 Protects vinyl, leather and plastic.



A highly aromatic with a soft green tea scent combined with notes of citrus and spice that leaves a refreshing imprint. Green tea in general is widely known as a herbal healer with calming effects. We could all use that from time to time behind the wheel.


The warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather. A timeless and classic scent to give any vehicle that new car smell. If you enjoy that refined leather scent this is the interior cleaner for you! 


This version of Interior was formulated without any added fragrance. Designed in mind for people who prefer unscented cleaners or for folks who are sensitive to fragrances. Everyone deserves a gleaming interior!

    DIRECTIONS + tips

    Mist vinyl, plastics or leather surface and wipe with a clean microfiber towel.

    *Not to be used on cloth, upholstery or glass.

    For best experience use with our Chem-X Mist Sprayer and a clean fluffy microfiber towel. For tight areas near glass or upholstery, first spray microfiber towel then wipe surface clean.