iK Battery Powered Air Compressor

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IK Battery Powered Air Compressor

This is an 18v battery-powered compressor to be attached to different IK Sprayers that contain the compressed air connector (iK Foam Pro 12, iK Metal 6, iK Metal 10, excluding the foam pro 2 plus). Using the compressor, the device will quickly pressurize up to 2.5bar /36 psi without any effort for the user, and boasts up to 1 hour of runtime before needing to be recharged. Thanks to its large air flow, it can work continuously while maintaining pressure.



    • iK Battery Powered Air Compressor
    • (1)18V Rechargeable Battery
    • Wall Power Adapter  

    *iK Foam Pro 12 not included


    • 18 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
    • Rechargeable
    • Pressurize up to 2.5bar /36 psi
    • Continuously works while maintaining pressure