Tire + Trim 

Chem-X Tire + Trim is a premium dressing for your tires, vinyl and moldings. This multi purpose formula produces a high gloss shine with the added durability of being water and dust proof. Tire+Trim will keep your tires gleaming and glossy as well as rejuvenate your dry vinyl and trim to a lustrous and satiny finish. This dressing is built to last and will hold up to the most harsh conditions.

  • Low Sling
  • Fast application
  • Long lasting
  • VOC compliant


For Tires:

Satin Finish: Lightly mist tire and work in with our foam applicator, The Brick.                          

Gloss Finish: Lightly mist tire and let air dry

For Vinyl/Trim:

Mist microfiber towel and work into plastic until you reach desired sheen

*All quart bottles come with a sprayer

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