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  • D-Lime 90: Citrus Degreaser + Asphalt Remover


    D-LIME 90 Citrus Degreaser and Asphalt Remover

    Chem-X D-Lime 90 is the optimum way to remove grease, tar and hardened asphalt build up on any non-porous surface! It is also excellent at removing adhesives, inks, petroleum greases and chewing gum.

    Just apply undiluted to the surface in need of cleaning, allow to dwell, reapply as needed and rinse with soapy water when desired results are achieved!

    • Incredible Tar Asphalt Release Agent
    • Excellent Degreaser
    • Eliminates Adhesives, Inks and Almost Anything Sticky
    • Safe on Non Porous Surfaces
    • Awesome Orange Fragrance


    1. Apply D-lime 90 to a cloth.
    2. Wipe away the gunk.
    3. Rinse with soap and water. 

    1. Use undiluted through a sprayer.
    2. Apply liberally to the surface, let soak, reapply as needed or until desired results are reached.
    3. Rinse with hot soapy water. 


    *Remember to always wear your PPE (personal protective equipment)