Heavy Duty Super Concentrate - Truck Wash - Degreaser - All Purpose Cleaner


The ultimate A.P.C.

Heavy Duty is an extremely flexible foaming truck wash that can tackle anything from a simple maintenance wash to heavy degreasing. You can run it through foam cannons, down stream injectors, spray bottles or the bucket + brush system. 

dilution rates & directions

Heavy Duty arrives SUPER CONCENTRATED which gives you the option to cut it and make the perfect ratio for the job at hand!

We designed Heavy Duty to be as safe as possible on all paint and mirror polished aluminum while getting the job done and getting your project back to looking new again. Below are our recommendations for dilution rates for specific jobs. As always test on a small section and adjust your ratio if needed.

Truck Wash  80:1 - 100:1 

For a truck/vehicle wash you need to stretch out Heavy duty. We recommend using a down stream injector or a foam cannon. These 2 methods ensure Heavy Duty is being diluted correctly and consistently. 

All Purpose Cleaner 40:1 - 60:1

At this ratio, Heavy Duty is great as an all purpose cleaner. Great for rubber floor mats, trim or cloth. Grab your self a hand held sprayer like an iK pump Sprayer or a simple Trigger sprayer

Wheel + Rim Cleaner 10:1 - 20:1 

Wheels, rims and even mud flaps require a stronger ratio to really cut through the build up of brake dust, road grime and various filth from the road. Use pump sprayers or a bucket + brush for this job.

Heavy Degreasing 10:1

Use any method to apply at this ratio. Go on strong and hit it with a high PSI rinse for super effective result. Great for construction equipment, under carriages, tools or anything with tons of grease and grime on it!   

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