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  • Stars+Stripes: Touchless Vehicle Wash


    Generally our customers using this system get done in 1/4 the time it takes them to do a hands on wash.

    On a tractor trailer our customers tell us hand washing takes them about 4 hours, vs 1 hour for a thorough touchless wash.

    On smaller vehicles this same 75% time savings takes a 20 minute mitt wash and brings it down to about 5 minutes.

    It is designed to stay within the pH tolerances of ceramic coatings and sealants, both SiO2 and SiC.

    Stars and Stripes is formulated for use on mirror polished aluminum. When washing polished aluminum it is helpful not to let any type of soap dry on it before rinsing, so we recommend washing in sections if working on highly polished surfaces.

    Stars+Stripes are designed to be used on any type of vehicle. Our customers use these on everything from cars to motorcycles and quads to big rigs with highly polished aluminum and even heavy construction equipment.

    Stars and Stripes are both effective at 4 parts water and 1 part soap in foam cannons, this strength could also be pre mixed in 5 gallon pails with faucets to streamline refilling on large vehicles as well.

    1 gallon refills a foam cannon 20 times at 4:1 strength.

    A set of foam cannons costs $4.95 to fill from the 1 gallon sizes.

    One set of Stars+Stripes 1 gallon jugs will yield:

    Car: Needed amount, 1/4 of a foam cannon each, estimated at 80 washes, cost per wash $1.25

    Pickup Truck: Needed amount, 1/2 of a foam canon each, estimated at 40 washes, cost per wash $2.50

    Bobtail Big Rig: Needed amount, 1 full foam cannon each, estimated at 20 washes, cost per wash $4.95

    Dump Truck: Needed amount: 1.5 foam cannons each, estimated at 13 washes, cost per wash $7.60

    Tow Truck: Needed amount, 2 full foam cannons each, estimated at 10 washes, cost per wash $9.90

    Big Rig with Trailer: Needed amount 3 full foam cannons each, estimated at 7 washes, cost per wash $14

    *These numbers and usages are based off of my own experience over the last 20 years on how much soap is needed per wash. Once you have used this system a few times you will find that you get more efficient in usage, and at that point you will be able to really break down your actual cost in your situation.

    The average cost for a public truck wash is $90 per wash, times 52 weeks = $4,680 annually. You'll spend around $728 to wash a tractor and trailer 52 times with Stars+Stripes if used in the 1 gallon sizes. That is an annual savings of nearly $4,000. If purchased in the 55 gallon drum size this cost will cut further by nearly 60%. Another massive benefit is the time savings vs sitting in line waiting at the truck wash.

    The softer your water the better the results. Ideal water can yield up to 95% of what you could achieve with a a mitt wash.

    Heat helps if you have it, we recommend setting a heated power washer to 140 degrees for best results, which may actually reach right up to 100% clean. However heat is not required for up to 95% perfect results with good soft water and close contact high psi rinsing.

    Stars+Stripes are biodegradable. When used together these soaps will become a neutral pH, which is much better for the environment and also for your vehicle than high alkaline single step soaps.

    We are a really small company, we manufacture our soaps right at our location in Massachusetts, we are fast to customer response, and offer personalized service more than anyone in the industry.