Xpansion Pack - Stars & Stripes Mix Kit

The redesigned Xpansion Pack!


These 5 gallon dispensing pails save wasted time when refilling foam cannons by allowing you to pre mix our super concentrated soaps to the perfect strength for your application!

You receive one gallon each of Stars + Stripes in the super concentrated strength and two labeled 5 gallon pails with faucets. Add 4 gallons of water to each pail, top off with the included super concentrated gallons, install the faucets, fill up your foam cannons and get washing.

Once these pails have been used you would refill them using our Stars + Stripes Super Concentrated Gallons, now a 5 gallon pail refill costs $45.

  • Simplifies ratio mixing
  • Consistent soap strength
  • Saves time + money
  • Easy foam cannon filling, no funnel needed
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    Stars + Stripes Touchless Wash


    When Stars+Stripes mix on the vehicle surface, a resulting pH shock will activate the cleaning reaction. This dual stage process breaks the static bond of dirt and road film from the surface, allowing the high psi rinse to remove more grime than any single stage application and also results in a neutral pH. This process saves the user up to 80% of the time it would normally take to do a mitt wash. Using two soaps also lets us tackle more grime by allowing us to use a wider range of surfactants that help with many different types of grime. 

    Follow the video instructions below to expand our 1 gallon super concentrates into the included 5 gallon pails.


    concentrated vs super concentrated

    CONCENTRATED: The perfect strength for use in foam cannons and conventional power washer injectors which both generally draw at 20:1, or 5% of the overall liquid coming out of the power washer.

    SUPER CONCENTRATED: Designed for maximum efficiency, this formula is 5x stronger than the concentrated strength. Designed to be diluted by the user 4:1 before use in a foam cannon, or used directly through our Silencer or Real Deal Injectors at a strength of 100:1 or 1% of the overall liquid coming out of the power washer.