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  • Snake Oil: No-Touch Sio2 Ceramic Foam Sealant


    Snake Oil No-Touch SiO2 CERAMIC FOAM SEALANT


    Fresh squeezed from only the best snakes, Chem-X Snake Oil is the cure-all to literally make your vehicle perfect.

    For nearly 100 years humanity struggled to find the ideal way to maximize their vehicular shine, until one day deep within the Amazon, the owner of Chem-X was off-roading and ran over a snake, splattering it’s oily goodness all over his side panel. For nearly a year after this incident the surface still shined, protected from salt and UV rays, and repelling water like only a snake could. We have now bottled down this ancient technology so that you too can have the ability to instantly make everything you own as slippery as a snake. 

    snake oil, noun
    1: any of various substances or mixtures sold (as by a traveling medicine show) as medicine usually without regard to their medical worth or properties

    Our Snake Oil is the real deal touchfree ceramic sealant and the opposite of what those travelling snake oil salesmen were pitching.

    Snake Oil dramatically reduces drying time while also enhancing the gloss and shine. With a pH between 4-5pH it is safe to use on all surfaces and coatings including polished aluminum. Snake Oil provides four season protection against UV rays and harmful road salts for up to 6 months.  This is a significant improvement from prior testing indicating 60-90 days.
    Snake Oil makes future washing a breeze as it does not allow dirt or road film to bond to the surface. Its a great addition to go along with the best touchless wash in the industry, our Chem-X Stars and Stripes.



    1. Apply to a just washed, wet vehicle.

    2. Let dwell for 30-60 seconds.

    3. Rinse thoroughly.

    To completely eliminate water spots from hard water we recommended drying the vehicle via blower or drying towel.


    (0.6 or 0.7 dosing nozzle)
    FOAM CANNONS 8:1 - 10:1 
    (8:1 = 800ml water to 100ml Snake Oil)
    (4:1 = 4 gallons water to 1 gallon of Snake Oil)
    PUMP SPRAYERS 100:1 - 120:1 
    (100:1 = 100oz water to 1oz Snake Oil)
      *The above ratios are recommended starting points and can be made stronger if desired.