The Interior Kit

Interior Scent Option

The Interior Kit

Our favorite combination for detailing the inside of any vehicle!

Chem-X Interior Cleaner cuts through grime and dirt fast and easily. Shines & rejuvenates surfaces. Protects vinyl, leather and plastics.

Chem-X Glass Cleaner is a super high quality formula made to achieve a streak free wind shields & windows. It works great a surface cleaner as well. Perfect for all the gauges and chrome on dash boards.

Detail Factory Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes are designed for light duty cleaning on scratch-prone automotive surfaces, detailing around instrument gauges, as well as vents and seams.

The Rag Company's Edgeless 245 Microfiber is the perfect non-abrasive, lint-free and label-free towel for cleaning interiors.

The Rag Company's Diamond Microfiber Glass and Window Towel features a unique "Diamond Scale" pattern that produces an effective smooth gliding performance to easily tackle all your dusty, dirty, grimy glass and window needs.


  • Interior Cleaner - Choice of Green Tea, Leather or Unscented (32oz)
  • Glass Cleaner (32oz)(Optional)
  • Ultra Soft Detailing Brush by Detail Factory 
  • Edgeless 245 Microfiber by The Rag Company (5 Pack) 
  • Diamond Microfiber Glass and Window Towel by The Rag Company (Optional)