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  • Xpansion Pack: Heavy Duty Mix Kit

    The Xpansion Pack!


    This 5 gallon dispensing pail saves wasted time when refilling a foam cannon by allowing you to pre mix our super concentrated soaps to the perfect strength for your application!

    You receive one gallon of Heavy Duty in the super concentrated strength and a labeled 5 gallon pail with a faucet.

    Add 4 gallons of water to the pail, top off with the included super concentrated gallon, install the faucet, fill up your foam cannon and get washing.

    Once the pail has been used you would refill it using a gallon of Heavy Duty Super Concentrated.

  • Simplifies Ratio Mixing
  • Consistent Soap Strength
  • Saves time + money
  • Easy Foam Cannon Filling, No Funnel Needed
  • HEAVY DUTY  Truck Wash

    Once mixed 4:1 in the 5 gallon pail Heavy Duty is now at the perfect ratio for an effective brush wash when using the MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon. 

    We designed Heavy Duty to be as safe as possible on all paint and mirror polished aluminum while getting the job done.

    concentrated vs super concentrated

    CONCENTRATED: The perfect strength for use in foam cannons and conventional power washer injectors which both generally draw at 20:1, or 5% of the overall liquid coming out of the power washer.
    SUPER CONCENTRATED: Designed for maximum efficiency, this formula is 5x stronger than the concentrated strength. Designed to be diluted by the user 4:1 before use in a foam cannon, or used directly through our Silencer or Real Deal Injectors at a strength of 100:1 or 1%   of the overall liquid coming out of the power washer.