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  • Stars+Stripes: Touchless Super Concentrates


    Stars + Stripes The ultimate touchless wash.

    When Stars+Stripes mix on the vehicle surface, a resulting pH shock will activate the cleaning reaction. This dual stage process breaks the static bond of dirt and road film from the surface, allowing the high psi rinse to remove more grime than any single stage application and also results in a neutral pH. This process saves the user up to 80% of the time it would normally take to do a mitt wash. Using two soaps also lets us tackle more grime by allowing us to use a wider range of surfactants that help with many different types of grime. 

    • 2 Step Touchless Foaming Wash
    • 85-95% Clean with Proper Technique
    • Safe on all Paint, Metals + Finishes  
    • No Brushes or Mitts Needed
    • Cuts Down Wash Time
    • Designed for Foam Cannons or Downstream Injectors


    No situation is the same in the world washing and degreasing. Different seasons, paint conditions, power washers, etc all play a huge role in how you wash.

    STARS + STRIPES arrives SUPER concentrated. Stretch it out or go a little heavier. This is up to you. Wash a small section and adjust your soaps if needed. Use this technique when ever starting a new wash. 
    1. Prepare both soaps if using foam cannons and knock off any heavy dirt with a high PSI pre-rinse. 
    2. Foam STARS onto vehicle starting at the bottom of the vehicle and work your way up. Streaking can occur on polished aluminum if the soaps dry before they are rinsed off, so have your Stripes (step 2) ready to go.
    3. Foam STRIPES directly over Stars. Again, working from bottom to top. No need to let the soaps dwell. It's important to start rinsing while both soaps are still foamy and clinging to the surface.
    4. Rinse. Do not rush this step. The rinse is very important! Use high PSI and stay within 6"-12" of surface. Rinse left to right starting at the bottom of the foamed area. Doing this creates a line in the foam and lets you keep track of where you have not rinsed yet. Missing a section while rinsing will leave behind road film.  


    For small fleets and owner operators. 1-5 trucks. 

    Further streamlined washing for small fleets and owner operators. 1-5 trucks. 

    For large fleets & multiple user wash bays. 5+ trucks.


    tips + tricks

    • Work in a manageable sized section.
    • Try not to wash in direct sunlight as this will greatly accelerate drying. When washing mirror polished aluminum always make sure aluminum is cool to the touch before applying soap and never let soaps dry. If it's too hot to touch we recommend a cold water pre-rinse.
    • Two things that help get an effective touchless wash is good soft water and also heated water no more than 140 degrees if available.
    • Ideal strength of soap is determined after seeing the results of the first section you wash. The goal is to use as little soap as possible while getting a great wash.
    • The coil(heating element) in hot water machines create scale build up. This is normal but it can clog up your foamers. Avoid this by running your machine in rinse mode for 30-60 seconds before the first wash of the day. Basically you're just flushing out the line.