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The Super Sampler - Chem-X

The Super Sampler

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The Super Sampler is a great start for anyone looking to get set up fast and easy with our highest quality vehicle treatments. In this kit we include all our favorite liquids to get both the outside and inside of your vehicle gleaming, along with our preferred selection of microfibers and a mitt.

The Super Sampler includes:

  • (1) 32oz Liquid-X
  • (1) 32oz Detailer
  • (1) 32oz Tire+Trim
  • (1) 32oz Interior Green Tea
  • (1) 32oz Glass
  • (1) Knobby Microfiber Chenille Sponge
  • (1) Edgeless Miner Towel
  • (1) Edgeless 245 Towel
  • (1) Eagle Edgeless Towel
  • (1) Glass & Window Towel
  • (1) Brick, Tire+Trim Applicator

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