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Designed & hand built at Chem-X. The Real Deal Kit is the optimal way to apply our touchless wash, Stars + Stripes. Completely plug & play and compatible with almost any power washer. This kit solves the common problems found with 2-step touchless soaps & equipment. The Real Deal is made with rock solid, stainless steel components and comes with our safest and most effective touchless wash ever. It's a no brainer, this is the easiest way to save money and time in your wash bay.  

KIT breakdown:

Suttner ST-164. Dual Foaming Injector.

The most efficient and durable foam injector available, with a dilution range from 12:1 to 200:1. The easiest way to select between two chemicals and rinse. Simply switch lever on the top of the injector to the desired position(chem 1, chem 2, rinse) and let the soap fly. MORE INFO HERE.

Integrated lever that allows you to switch soaps quickly  /  Durable stainless steel construction   18 dosing nozzles included  /  Food grade quality  


44" Chem-X Foam Lance. Built complete with foaming nozzle + Quick Connects.

Change between rinse and foam directly at the gun. Simply release trigger and twist The Suttner ST-58 Change Over Valve to either rinse or foam. The Chem-X Foam Lance screams quality and durability. Built with as much stainless steel as possible and designed to be very easy to use. By far the best foam lance on the market! MORE INFO HERE.

44" Lance length  /  ST-75s foaming nozzle  /  ST-58 Change over valve  /  ST-2305 Shut off gun  /  Mosmatic DGV Inline swivel

10'  Jumper hose. 6,000 PSI rated.

  3/8" Double wire   /  Abrasion resistant  /  Heat resistant 

2 Gallons Stars + 2 Gallons Stripes. Super Concentrated.

how to install:


Using the provided mounting bracket within 10' of power washer. (If you would like the injector/valve further away or closer to your power please call Chem-X with jumper hose length.)


Using the provided 10' Suttner jumper hose. Attach 3/8" quick connect plug from jumper hose to power washer outlet. Attach 3/8" quick connect socket from jumper hose to inlet on ST-164


Plug the inlet of your power wash hose into outlet of the ST-164 using the provide quick connects.


Plug the outlet of your power washer hose into the Shut Off Gun using the quick connect plug or hard pipe hose directly into Mosmatic DGV Inline Swivel.


Place the left side tube in Stars(BLUE) and right side in Stripes(RED). 

-Injector will be set to run at 100:1 unless specified otherwise, this can be changed by simply changing metering tip inside injector barbs.

-If using a hot water machine, scale build up from your coil can plug injector or foam head. On start up always run with injector in rinse mode for about 30-60 seconds to flush out any build up. We also offer another ST-75 Foam Nozzle which is better suited for hot water power washers

Figuring out your CURRENT NOZZLE SIZE

Repair Common Issues on Suttner Foam Gear:


Chem-X Foam Lance

  • 44" length
  • Stainless steel components
  • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
  • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000psi
  • Rated for 212 degree water
  • Adjustable vented grip

Suttner ST-2305 Shut Off Gun

  • The easy pull trigger reduces trigger pulling force by 60% compared to other spray guns
  • Proper spray angle for optimal positioning of pressure points
  • 5000 PSI

Suttner ST-164 Dual Chemical Injector

  • Integrated lever that allows you to easily switch from Stars to Stripes
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • 18 metering/dosing nozzles, each chemical can be set at individual desired strengths
  • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
  • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000psi
  • Rated for 212 degree water

 Must be sized according to your current nozzle size. If nozzle size is unknown, please call us with the GPM and PSI of your power washer.


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    Timothy S.
    United States United States
    The Real Deal Kit

    I am very impressed using this set up to clean my trucks with ease ! Stars and Stripes works awesome it unbelievable how clean it is with no touch .I only have a 1200psi hot water pressure washer and still gets it clean.This system has speed up my wash time drastically!! Thanks