Suttner ST-164 Dual Foam Injector

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Suttner st-164 Dual foam injector

The Suttner St-164 is a fully stainless steel dual Chemical injector. Able to be installed by anyone with a few tools and extremely operator friendly. The Injector of choice for any wash bay looking to use Stars+Stripes, our 2 step touchless wash AND the only dual injector that works in conjunction with our Chem-X Foam Lance. It's as tough as they come and will hold up running chemicals through it all day. 


  1. Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Two 10' Pickup Tubes With Weighted Filters
  3. High PSI Water Inlet - Standard 3/8" Male QC Plug
  4. Injector Outlet - Standard 3/8" Female QC Coupling
  5. Integrated Lever
  6. Wall/Surface Mounting Plate
  7. 18 dosing Nozzles Included 

Dosing nozzles control the soap's draw rate. The nozzles have a pin sized hole the soap is drawn though. The size of this hole determines your soap to water ratio. Injector arrives with the correct tips already installed. Dilution range from 10:1 to 200:1.

How to operate: 

1) Swing valve handle to the left for chemical one, apply soap through ST-75 foamer or soaper nozzle. 

2) Swing valve handle to the right to select chemical two, apply soap through ST-75 foamer or soaper nozzle.

3) To rinse, switch your lance to high pressure rinse mode. The injector will automatically stop drawing soap.  


    Suttner ST-164 Dual Chemical Injector

    • Max Hose Length: 150'
    • Integrated lever that allows you to easily switch from Stars to Stripes
    • Durable stainless steel housing
    • 18 metering/dosing nozzles, each chemical can be set at individual desired strengths
    • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
    • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000psi
    • Rated for 212 degree water

     *Other downstream injectors must be removed from machine before installing the ST-164