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M-Shine Pre Soak and Polished Aluminum Cleaner - Chem-X
M-Shine Pre Soak and Polished Aluminum Cleaner - Chem-X

M-Shine Pre Soak and Polished Aluminum Cleaner

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M-Shine is one of our star players here at Chem-X. M-Shine is the premier mirror polished aluminum cleaner on the market today. M-Shine cleans out the aluminum and removes oxidation while restoring the reflectiveness of the polished aluminum. If used on a regular basis it will greatly increase the lifespan of your polished aluminum, resulting in less time and money spent on polishing and more time spent on whatever you like!

M-Shine truly is a multi purpose product. On top of maintaining your polished aluminum. M-Shine works great as a wheel and rim cleaner, removes diesel soot build up, erases bugs and breaks down road film. It can also be used as an effective tool to neutralize inorganic salts helping to increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

While being one of our MVP's, M-Shine also plays very well with others, specifically Chem-X Red-Line. With these two power houses combined you get the Chem-X Touchless Wash or what traditionalist might call "the two-step".  What makes our Touchless System untraditional? It is safe to use on all surfaces including polished aluminum, glass, paint and plastics while maintaining the performance needed to eliminate brushing. This is the ultimate maintenance wash that will save you time and money while keeping your vehicle looking mint!

  • Cleans and restores polished aluminum safely
  • Presoak for Chem-X Touchless Wash
  • Effective wheel cleaner and brake dust remover
  • Neutralizes salt
  • Removes diesel soot build up
  • Erases bugs


Chem-X M-Shine is designed primarily for use by foamer, but can be run straight through a conventional power washer soap injector. This product can be cut down 3:1 with water if using through a conventional power washer soap injector.

BRUSH APPLICATION: Start at 100:1 with water in a bucket, adjust strength as necessary. Apply with brush and rinse thoroughly.For very heavy oxidation apply M-Shine pure. 

TOUCHLESS CLEANING THROUGH POWER WASHER: Apply Chem-X M-Shine as a pre-soak, then apply Chem-X Red-Line directly over Chem-X M-Shine to activate the cleaning reaction; this two step process breaks the static bond of dirt and road film from the surface, and results in a neutral PH.  Follow with a high psi rinse.

WASHING TIPS: Do not wash in direct sunlight. When washing polished aluminum make sure all aluminum is cool to the touch, including fuel tanks. Do not let soap dry on vehicle surface.

    *Remember to always wear your PPE (personal protective equipment) 

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