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Liquid-X Synthetic Polymer Wash - Chem-X
Liquid-X Synthetic Polymer Wash - Chem-X

Liquid-X Synthetic Polymer Wash

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Liquid-X is a concentrated synthetic polymer mitt wash formula. It was made specifically for people who care about the appearance of their ride. Liquid-X is very easy to use and completely safe on all surfaces. Formulated to leave behind a polymer barrier on the surface of your vehicle that not only has a remarkable shine but generates beading and helps protect the vehicle surface.

Liquid-X can be applied in many ways from the simplest bucket and mitt method, to foam cannons and even foam lance systems. 

Designed to be used on any and all vehicles you care about!

  • Effective up to 128:1 (1oz of Liquid-X to every 1gal of water)
  • Helps reduce or completely eliminates water spots
  • Neutral PH
  • Cherry scented
  • Safe on all surfaces including wax and ceramic coatings
  • Leaves barrier on vehicle surface, repelling water, dust and road film
  • Excellent on aluminum, chrome and glass
  • When using foamer produces a rich thick foam



Pour Liquid-X into foamer cut 10:1 with water as a starting point, foam onto vehicle and then agitate with microfiber mitt or sponge, rinse.


Pour 2-3oz of Liquid-X into bucket as a starting point, add 2.5 gallons of water and use microfiber mitt or sponge to apply to vehicle, rinse.

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