KEW Connect Plug & Adapter


 A quick connect on steroids!

The KEW coupling gives you the security and durability of a hard piped lance with the convenience of a quick connect. Standard quick connect couplings can be a pain to use and leak over time. The larger, more ergonomic design of the KEW adapter makes inserting and removing your lance super quick/easy and stays that way.

Ideal in situations when you're switching from foam cannons to a rinse lance or a long extended lance for high up areas to a short lance for small areas, etc. Save time and effort by upgrading your couplings and plug to the KEW System. 


The KEW coupling plug sits deep in the adapter creating a connection with practically zero play.  INSTALLATION 

  • Apply lock tight to male threads on adapter. Screw on the adapter to the gun until hand tight. 
  • Using a 14mm hex L wrench, insert it into the opening in the adapter and tighten until very snug. We recommend using a vice to hold the gun while doing this.