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Expansion Pack - Stars & Stripes Ready To Use - Chem-X

Expansion Pack - Stars & Stripes Ready To Use

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Introducing our most cost effective solution to date!

We've come up with a system to vastly reduce the cost and time involved using our Stars+Stripes touchless system with either foam cannons or a conventional power washer injector, such as a downstreamer.

We have always bottled down our gallon sizes as super concentrates for 100:1 overall dilution to any vehicle surface. 

In our experience most power washer injectors and also foam cannons draw at roughly 20:1, which means that our concentrates should be pre cut with water at 4:1 first to then run through a power washer or to fully fill a set of foam cannons with Stars+Stripes. We refer to this strength as "ready to use."

This kit comes with a pre filled 5 gallon pail each of Stars+Stripes pre cut at ready to use strength. They also include a spout designed for fast and easy foam cannon filling.

Once these pails have been used you would then save the pails, and follow the video instructions below to expand our 1 gallon concentrates into them as refills, effectively making each 5 gallon pail refill cost under $40.

Our thought is why ship water when you have it at your location already!

*Also just as a side note, if you already are using our Real Deal Touchless Kit, then you already have the st-164 injector which we ship out ready to cut automatically at 100:1, making the normal concentrated gallon jugs last the same amount of time as a 5 gallon pail on a normal power washer injector. In other words you would not need the Expansion Pack if you have our Real Deal Kit.

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