Expansion Pack - Stars & Stripes Ready To Use

Ready to use, no hassle, No mixing

You receive two 5 gallon pails of ready to use Stars + Stripes, shipped free right to your door. Install the spigots, fill up your foam cannons and get washing immediately. No more pre-diluting, spilling soaps or worrying about ratios.   


"ready to use" explained:

Normally when using Stars+Stripes, you would have to dilute it some how before using it. While this might not be an issue for some, for many with large vehicles/fleets "time is money". And beyond saving time, creating the correct ratio is not easy for everyone. We've eliminated that burden with the Expansion Pack. 

The Expansion pack will have the correct soap to water ratio ready to be dispensed into your foam cannon.    

Once these pails have been used you would then save the pails, and follow the video instructions below to expand our 1 gallon concentrates into them as refills, effectively making each 5 gallon pail refill cost under $40.
Our thought is why ship water when you have it at your location already!

*Also just as a side note, if you already are using our Real Deal Touchless Kit, then you already have the st-164 injector which we ship out ready to cut automatically at 100:1, making the normal concentrated gallon jugs last the same amount of time as a 5 gallon pail on a normal power washer injector. In other words you would not need the Expansion Pack if you have our Real Deal Kit.

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