Expansion Pack - Heavy Duty Ready To Use

We've come up with a system to vastly reduce the cost and time involved using our Heavy Duty Degreaser APC and Foaming Vehicle Wash with either a foam cannon or a conventional power washer injector, such as a downstreamer.

We have always bottled down our gallon sizes as super concentrates for 100:1 overall dilution to any vehicle surface. 

In our experience most power washer injectors and also foam cannons draw at roughly 20:1, which means that our concentrates should be pre cut with water at 4:1 first to then run through a power washer or to fully fill a foam cannon with Heavy Duty. We refer to this strength as "ready to use."

This kit comes with a pre filled 5 gallon pail of Heavy Duty pre cut at ready to use strength (25:1). It also includes a spout designed for fast and easy foam cannon or pump sprayer filling.

Once this pail has been used you would then save the pail, and follow the video instructions below to expand our 1 gallon concentrate into it as a refill, effectively making each 5 gallon pail refill cost $40.

Our thought is why ship water when you have it at your location already!

Compatible Sprayers