D-Lime + iK Sprayer Kit


The iK sprayer is the perfect addition to our Chem-X D-Lime 90. With so few citrus safe hand sprayers on the market, the iK Metal & ik HC 1.5 really stand out. Top quality for the price and built to hold up in the field. 

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Gallon of D-Lime 90
  • Your choice of the iK HC 1.5, Metal 6 or Metal 10


Chem-X D-Lime 90 is the optimum way to remove grease, tar and even hardened asphalt build up on any non-porous surface.  This impressive formula will effortlessly eliminate any sticky obnoxious mess while still being safe and in itself environmentally friendly. If you have the daunting chore of removing adhesives, inks, petroleum greases or chewing gum D-Lime 90 is your answer.