X Factor Complete Wash Bay System: Stationary Hot Water 220v Electric - Big Easy Foaming Kit

Motor Spec
Fuel Source for Burner

X Factor Complete Wash Bay System- Stationary Hot Water 220v Electric- Big Easy Foaming Kit

This is our Hot Water Stationary 220v Electric Power Washer. A beast of a machine with the added benefit of heat.  This unit comes with the option of Natural Gas, Propane, or Oil for your burner fuel source. The tip ahead shroud gives full access to the drive system for easy service/maintenance.

The X Factor Hot Water Stationary 220v Electric Power Washer combined with our Big Easy Foam Kit is ideal for washing with one soap at a time, such as our Liquid-X(included) Heavy Duty or Foam. To get a 100% perfect finish brush or mitt wash is recommended. Take your washing and detailing to the extreme!


1. X Factor Stationary Hot Water 220v Electric
2. Reelcraft 100' Capacity Spring Retractable Reel  
3. 44" Chem-X Foam Lance (Built Complete)
4. Suttner ST-160 Foam Injector
5. 1 Gallon Super Concentrated Liquid-X
6. 100' High Pressure Hose rated for 6000psi 
7. 10' Hose Reel Connector Hose (Power washer outlet to Reelcraft Reel)
8. 0°/15°/25°/40° Nozzles

x factor

Pump + Plumbing Layout

These power washers feature a Commercial Duty Triplex Plunger General Pump, along with our own unique plumbing layout designed for easy serviceability.

The VRT3 Unloader Valve (pressure actuated for foaming systems) is mounted with a 3/8 screw coupler to drastically reduce repair times.

The garden hose inlet is a General Pump DuraView Filter to remove any particulates from the water line and can be visibly checked without opening.


The auto start/stop feature protects the pump from overheating while the unit is on but water is not being sprayed by automatically turning off the pump after a 15-30 second period, the dual pressure switches on the machine will sense the psi drop the next time the trigger is squeezed and turn the motor back on.
These machines also feature an hour meter to determine the best times for pump oil changes.
Stationary machines come wired with a connection/port for an optional Remote On/Off Switch. The Remote Switch is typically mounted in convenient location away from the machine. A Remote Switch can be added at time of purchase or at any point in the future.  
The TechTop Motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled with thermo protection to prevent overheating.

Coil + Burner

Elliptically wound cold coiling process of stretched reduced full body normalized ASTM A53 GRB schedule 80 . The coil is structurally braced to minimize pipe wear and vibration. It is sealed with a ceramic blanket in a stainless steel housing.

Quality North American made natural gas, propane or oil fired burners and controls with adjustable thermostats are used for efficiency, dependability and serviceability. NG and LP units are equipped with quick clean burner apparatuses. Burners jets have 6 oxygen orifice inlets to ensure maximum burn and minimize CO results.

The Big Easy Injection Kit

Designed & hand built at Chem-X. The Big Easy Kit is made with rock solid, stainless steel components. This kit is the optimal way to apply our foaming soaps and degreasers. This kit comes with our Liquid-X mitt wash and is compatible with Heavy Duty, Foam & M-Shine.

Suttner St-160 Foaming Chemical Injector 

The most efficient and durable foam injector available, with a dilution range from 12:1 to 200:1. The easiest way to select your foaming soap and rinse. Simply pull the trigger on your lance and let the soap fly.

Chem-X Foam Lance Built Complete

Change between rinse and foam directly at the gun. Simply release trigger and twist The Suttner ST-58 Change Over Valve to either rinse or foam. The Chem-X Foam Lance screams quality and durability. Built with as much stainless steel as possible and designed to be very easy to use. The Mosmatic High PSI Gun Inlet Swivel eliminates hose fatigue, swiveling under full PSI. By far the best foam lance on the market! MORE INFO HERE

  1. Suttner ST-75s Foaming Nozzle
  2. Suttner ST-58 Change over Valve
  3. Suttner ST-2305 Trigger
  4. Mosmatic DGV Swivel

Reelcraft Hose Reel + Ready Made Hoses

The Series 80000 spring retractable reels incorporate the most current design and manufacturing techniques to guarantee long life and trouble-free performance. All steel construction and a baked on powder coat finish combine to produce a rugged, corrosion-resistant product suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications.
  1. 100' High Pressure Hose rated for 6000psi
  2. 10' Hose Reel Connector Hose (Power washer outlet to Reelcraft Reel)



The chart below shows dosing nozzle size (opening) and the percentage of draw when the chemical used has the same viscosity as water.



  • 4.0GPM@2000PSI (5hp model)
  • 4.0GPM@3000PSI (7.5hp model)
  • Commercial Duty Triplex Plunger General Pump 
  • Oil Bath Crank Case
  • Stainless Valves
  • Brass Manifold
  • Belt Drive
  • Thermo Pump Protector

Electric Motor (5hp + 7.5hp)

  • 220 Volt
  • 1 Phase
  • 30 Amps (5hp model)
  • 50 Amps (7.5hp model)
  • 1750 RPM
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 
  • Full Frame
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Continuous Duty

Electrical Control Panel

  • Heavy Duty On/Off Cam Switch with Included Auto Stop/Start Time Delay Off
  • Nema 4
  • Water Tight
  • Easy Access
  • Wired for Optional Remote On/Off Switch

Heating Coil

  • Scheduled 80 Pipe
  • Elliptically Wound & Stretched
  • No Seam Welds
  • Structurally Braced to Reduce Vibration & Pipe Wear
  • Sealed with Ceramic Blanket
  • Stainless Steel Housing


  • Natural Gas, Propane or Oil Fired
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • On/Off Switch
  • North American Made
  • Dependable
  • Serviceable Frame


  • All Welded
  • Powder Coated
  • 11 Gauge Bent One Piece Plate
  • Tip Ahead Shroud With Built in Belt Guard Designed to Fully Expose All Components for Ease of Maintenance
  • 10 Gallon Poly Fuel Tank (*Oil Fired Units)
  • Skid Style Frame 

    Power Washer Dimensions

    • Height: 48"
    • Width: 26"
    • Depth: 48"
    • 5hp Model: 730 lbs
    • 7.5hp model: 780 lbs


    X Factors are stocked at Chem-X and ship free via freight in 3-7 business days.

    Once order is placed we will reach out to finalize shipping details.

          X Factors are built in North America.