Chem-X Foam Lance 32" Built Complete

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Chem-X Foam Lance Built Complete

The Chem-X Foam Lance was designed and hand built by Chem-X. We took the very best components and pieced them together in a layout with pure functionality and durability in mind. An almost fully stainless lance that is built to hold up in harsh environments. With this lance you can change between foam and rinse directly at the gun. Simply release the trigger and twist The Suttner ST-58 Change Over Valve a quarter turn to either rinse or foam. By far the best foam lance on the market!

1. Suttner ST-75 Foamer
2. Rolled Thread Stainless Steel Pipes
3. Sutnner ST-58 Roll Over Valve
4. Vented Grip With Side Handle
5. Suttner ST-2305
6. Mosmatic Inline DGV Swivel


The Lance

Apply foam and high PSI rinse with the Chem-X Foam Lance. Simply turn the ST-58 valve 1/4 turn left to rinse or 1/4 turn right to foam. 

Suttner ST-2305 Spray Gun

We chose to roll with our tried and true Suttner ST-2305. This is our gun of choice here at Chem-X. Made from impact resistant plastic and forged brass housing. It can handle extreme abuse and high volume trigger cycling. Designed with Suttner's "easy-pull trigger", it requires nearly half the effort to open and hold the trigger compared to other rear entry guns. 

Mosmatic DGV SWIVEL.

Maintenance free with live rotation even under maximum pressure. The only spray gun swivel on the market that meets our standard. Simply put this swivel is 100% necessary for any power washing application. 


The chart below shows dosing nozzle size (opening) and the percentage of draw when the chemical used has the same viscosity as water.

The Chem-X Foam Lance is sized according to your existing Suttner ST-160 or Suttner ST-164  foaming injector. If you have sizing questions please call us at 1-800-624-5403 or email us at
*The Chem-X Foam Lance must be paired with a Suttner foaming injector. It will not create foam with a standard down stream injector.
*Does not include rinse nozzle but if you email or call us with your gpm and psi we will gladly throw one in.



  • 32" length
  • Stainless steel components
  • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
  • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000 PSI
  • Max Temp: 212 degree  *Recommended temp is 125-130 degrees 
  • Adjustable vented grip


  • The easy pull trigger reduces trigger pulling force by 60% compared to other spray guns
  • Proper spray angle for optimal positioning of pressure points
  • Max PSI: 5000 PSI
  • Max Flow Rate: 12 GPM