Chem-X Foam Lance 32"

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The Chem-X Foam Lance is a great solution for any wash bay when space is an issue. Perfect for washing in bays on the smaller side or getting below a vehicle. Achieve thick foam and high PSI rinsing in one lance. No more refilling foam cannons.

Designed and hand built by team Chem-X. We took the very best Suttner components and pieced them together in a layout with pure functionality and durability in mind. 

Apply foam and high PSI rinse with a single lance. Simply turn the ST-58 valve 1/4 turn left to rinse or 1/4 turn right to foam. 

Must be sized according to your existing Suttner ST-160 or Suttner ST-164  foaming injector. If you have sizing questions please call us at 1-800-624-5403 or at

*Will not create foam with a standard down stream injector.

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