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    The Basic Sampler Kit

    This kit comes with all the core items for a mitt wash + quick exterior detail!  

    Foam is a super concentred high foaming mitt wash. This pH neutral wash is completely safe on all surfaces and coatings. Great for bucket + mitt washing or a foam cannon application. 

    Chem-X Awesome Sauce is an SiO2 infused Ceramic Spray, a super multipurpose spray sealant, quick detailer, rinse aid, clay bar lubricant and a booster for professional grade ceramic coatings. Great for paint, chrome and even glass. Awesome Sauce creates a layer of protection against UV rays and road salts. It leaves the vehicle surface immensely hydrophobic and finishes with a deep glossy shine.

    Chem-X Tire + Trim is a premium dressing for your tires, vinyl and moldings. This multi purpose formula produces a high gloss shine with the added durability of being water and dust proof. Tire + Trim will keep your tires gleaming and glossy as well as rejuvenate dry vinyls and trim to a lustrous and satiny finish. This dressing is built to last and will hold up to the most harsh conditions.


    Cyclone Microfiber Sponge features premium AA-Grade 70/30 blend split microfibers that hold a huge amount of your favorite suds.

    The Rag Company's Edgeless 245 Microfiber is the perfect non-abrasive, lint-free and label-free towel for cleaning interiors.

    The Brick is our designated Tire+Trim applicator. Made of high quality foam and ideal for large wheels.


    • Awesome Sauce (32oz)
    • Tire+Trim (32oz)
    • Foam (32oz)
    • Cyclone Microfiber Sponge (Optional)
    • Rag Company Edgeless Miner Towels - 5 Pack (Optional)
    • The Brick Tire+Trim Applicator (Optional)