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    The Awesome Sauce Kit

    This kit comes with everything you need to quickly give any vehicle's surface a deep glossy shine as well as added protection from the elements. Perfect for getting dialed in after washes and before the car or truck show. Awesome Sauce along with a 5 pack of Edgeless Miner Towels by The Rag Company and a sprayer of your choice makes for a killer combo!


      Chem-X Awesome Sauce is an SiO2 infused Ceramic Spray, a super multipurpose spray sealant, quick detailer, rinse aid, clay bar lubricant and a booster for professional grade ceramic coatings. Great for paint, chrome and even glass. Awesome Sauce creates a layer of protection against UV rays and road salts. It leaves the vehicle surface immensely hydrophobic and finishes with a deep glossy shine.

      The Rag Company's Edgeless Miner™ is an outstanding edgeless dual-pile microfiber towel that is perfect for buffing or polishing, an all around great multi-use towel. Featuring 365 GSM (Grams per Square Meter).

      The IK Multi TR 1 Trigger Sprayer is optimal for spraying a wide variety of chemicals. This is a light and handy trigger sprayer that incorporates a base for greater stability, a color coded content identification system and a translucent tank that allows to check the level of liquid inside.

      The Mist Sprayer is a positive displacement sprayer that replicates aerosol spray, creating a super fine mist. Always giving the same exact flow of product for a more even application of spray waxes, interior cleaners and glass cleaners. The design of the chamber prevents the possibility of leaks, which makes this the ideal sprayer to keep on hand for detailing on the go.


      • Awesome Sauce - SiO2 infused Ceramic Spray (1gal and/or 32oz w/Trigger Sprayer)
      • Rag Company Edgeless Miner Towels - 5 Pack
      • iK Multi Tr Sprayer (Optional)
      • Mist Sprayer (Optional)


        1. After washing, mist Awesome Sauce onto a section of the vehicle surface.
        2. Buff with a clean microfiber towel. 

        1. After washing, mist Awesome Sauce onto the entire vehicle surface.
        2. Rinse with water.