Bumper to Bumper Kit

This is our DO-IT-ALL kit. Includes Heavy Duty for all exterior/interior detailing, wheel/tire cleaning and degreasing. Foam for a super safe, super foamy exterior mitt wash. We've included all the tools and accessories you'll need to clean your vehicle from bumper to bumper!


(1) Gallon Heavy Duty A.P.C. Truck Wash & Degreaser
(1) Gallon Foam Mitt Wash
(1)iK ALK 9 Sprayer
(1)Labeled Handheld Sprayer
(1)Vented Funnel
(3)245 Edgeless Microfibers by The Rag Company
(1)Microfiber Mitt
(1)Easy Reach Wheel/Rim brush
(1)Spoke Brush
(1)Small Detail Brush
(1) Large Detail Brush