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86'It Degreaser - Chem-X
86'It Degreaser - Chem-X
86'It Degreaser - Chem-X

86'It Degreaser

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Chem-X 86'It is an industrial strength degreaser with the muscle to back up its trash talking mouth. To be perfectly honest, it's a roided out bad ass! 86'It pisses on the competition with there so called "degreasers." Hide your kids, hide your wife and you damn well better hide your grease because this mofo is coming with a vengeance!!!

86'It is your go to cleaner for engine compartments, frame rails, heavy equipment, garbage trucks, dumpsters, lawn mowers and even restaurant hoods. Used with heat 86'It will quickly dissolve and emulsify fats and grease.

  • Can be applied hot or cold
  • Tackles the toughest jobs quickly and effectively
  • Emulsifies fats and greases
  • Removes rust stains from painted surfaces


86'it can be applied through sprayer, foamer or power washer.  Depending on the task at hand, a good dilution starting point is 25:1 to the surface (1oz 86'it to 25oz of water). Strengthen as needed.

*Remember to always wear your PPE (personal protective equipment)

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