Chem-X HQ: The Chem-x showroom is not a store and is not open for walk ins. That begin said, your online orders can be picked up at Chem-X. When you get here, give us a call. We will bring it out to you. This goes for over the phone orders as well.   

OUR WASH BAY: Our wash bay is not open to the public. The Chem-X Wash Bay is owner, Bob Hoyle's lifelong obsession for the ultimate wash bay come to fruition. If you happen to find your self inside the the Chem-X wash bay cleaning your truck, consider yourself lucky.    

ON SITE CONSUMPTION: Do not be alarmed if you see the Chem-X crew partaking or under the influence of one or more substances. If a sweet hoppy and/or herby aroma happens to be in the air, this is normal. We suggest taking a seat in one of the leather chairs in our show room, pouring a hazy IPA and watch a concert on the TV. Very nice!  

STANDARD DELIVERY: This section we will discuss shipping, shipping costs, how long it takes to get orders out the door and how much it cost. 

SHIPPING DRUMS & FREIGHT: Tell people the scoop on how freight works and where to contact us for a  quote.