Suttner ST-2315 Spray Gun

Featuring a ceramic ball in valve is highly resistant against nearly all soaps and acids.
  • Easiest opening and holding trigger, requires nearly half theeffort of the other rear-entry guns.
  • Proper spray angle for optimal positioning of pressure points.
  • Forged brass housing for maximum strength.
  • The Easy-Pull trigger is designed for operators and applicationswith high-volume of trigger cycling.
  • The Easy-Pull trigger, German Engineered Technology reduces trigger pulling force by 60% compared to usual competitors spray gun.


  • Max Pressure 5,000 PSI
  • Max Temp  300° F
  • Max Flow Rate 12 GPM
  • Inlet 3/8" FPT
  • Outlet 1/4" FPT

KEW Quick connect

We highly recommend upgrading your coupling and plug to the Kew Style. 
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Standard quick connect couplings get the job done, but over time leaks and worn down threads become an issue. The KEW coupling system eliminates these issues.