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  • The Xtreme Foam Kit XL: Single cannon + ST-2305 & Swivel + Lance

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    The Xtreme Foam Kit XL

    This is an amazing option to get you up and running quick! These are the highest quality components we could source for the maximum durability. The Suttner ST-2305 Squeeze Trigger has been a great balance of both cost effectiveness and longevity along with the fully stainless steel lance and qc fittings, the MTM Hydro PF22.2 is the best foam cannon of it's class on the market today, and Mosmatic DGV Inline Swivel is by far the best option available!


    1. Suttner 2305 Spray Gun Built Complete + DGV Inline Swivel
    2. MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon
    3. Single Lance with Vented Grip: Your Choice of Length
    4. Liquid Option: Choose One OR None

    Suttner ST-2305 SPRAY GUN 

    We chose to roll with our tried and true Suttner ST-2305. This is our gun of choice here at Chem-X. Made from impact resistant plastic and forged brass housing. It can handle extreme abuse and high volume trigger cycling. Designed with Suttner's "easy-pull trigger", it requires nearly half the effort to open and hold the trigger compared to other rear entry guns. 
    Includes The Mosmatic DGV Inline Swivel. The only spray gun swivel on the market that meets our standard. Simply put this swivel is 100% necessary for any power washing application.

    1. Suttner 2305 Spray Gun
    2. QC Coupling for Foam Cannon & Lance
    3. Mosmatic DGV Inline Swivel
    4. 3/8 QC Plug for Gun Inlet to Hose

    MTM Pf22.2 Foam Cannon

    The Innovation of the PF22.2 Foam Cannon lies in the nozzle. This foam cannon offers adjustable fan blades & adjustable spray pattern (vertically or horizontally) as it throws thick foam onto your vehicle, house, fence, sidewalk, roof or other washable items.

    Every foam cannon includes 1 extra replacement Foam Agitator Pads, which are an easy replacement part that can occasionally clog on foam cannons, you'll be glad you have them later!


    Single Lance + Vented Grip

    All lances are made with stainless steal rolled thread pipes. Every lance includes a vented grip & side handle. 1/4" female thread Quick Connect Plug on the inlet & 1/4" Quick Connect Coupling on the outlet for rinse nozzles. You choose your length.



      LIQUID-X: Our most extreme foaming mitt wash formulated to leave a polymer barrier on your vehicle that generates beading and protects the surface.

      HEAVY DUTY: An extremely flexible foaming truck wash that can tackle anything from a simple maintenance wash to heavy degreasing.

      SNAKE OIL: Our touchless Si02 ceramic foam sealant. Adds an extremely durable hydrophobic layer of protection to any and all vehicles.

      M-SHINE: A high foaming polished aluminum cleaner and maintainer.

      FOAM: A high foaming mitt wash without any additives.



      Suttner 2305 Spray Gun

      • Max 5,000 PSI
      • Max 300℉
      • 12 GPM Flow Rate

      MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

      • Foams well between 1,100-5,000 PSI 
      • Will work on 1.4-5.3 GPM power washers
      • Rated up to 140℉ water