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  • 10' Pick Up Tube w/Safe Flow Lid™ + Hastelloy Strainer


    Safe Flow Lids provide safe and convenient dispensing of chemicals from 1 gallon containers. The threaded lid keeps out contaminants, prevents chemical splashing and spillage. These unique, heavy-duty, machined polypropylene lids attach to a chemical pick up tube with a 1/4" hose barb and can be quickly unscrewed and attached to another container or easily removed and stored. Includes a hastelloy strainer and suction assembly to place inside the chemical container. 


    • Rugged, machined, polypropylene Safe Flow Lid™ with 14" of 1/4" flexible suction tubing and Hastelloy strainer
    • 1/4" hose barb connects directly to a suction tube to facilitate dispensing
    • Quickly unscrews from one jug and attaches to another to quickly replace an empty chemical container
    • Safe and convenient way to prevent contaminants from getting into the chemical 
    • Minimizes the risks from splashing and spillage