GP Hi-Draw Adjustable Down Stream Injector


One of the easiest and affordable ways to get our soaps to run down stream from your power washer. 

    Pair this with one of our Suttner ST-54 or ST-54.2 dual lances. (will not work with foaming lance/nozzle)


    • 3,500 PSI
    • 190°    
    • Rated for acids
    • Adjust chemical strength up to 20%


    • down stream chemical injector 
    • 3/8 female x female coupler 
    • 4 Foot Clear pick up tube and strainer.

    *will not create thick foam*  

    looking for a down stream injector that works with a foaming lance/nozzle? Give our ST-160 a try. Even easier to install but allows you to get that insanely thick foam. And let's be honest, more foam = more fun.