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  • Detail Factory Curveball - Large Area Detail Brush

    The Curveball is an all-new concept utilizing Detail Factory's famous Ultra-Soft synthetic bristles in a much larger package. This brush features an ergonomic, full hand grip for maximum comfort when using such a large brush. With it’s Ultra-Soft bristles, the Curveball is optimized for large areas that may require a delicate touch. Leather/vinyl seats, large plastic interior panels such as cargo areas, door panels, and soft-top convertible roofs are all great places to put the Curveball to work. The Curveball also comes with a mountable drying stand so it can be dried and stored between uses.

    • Oversized head for cleaning large areas
    • Rubberized ergonomic grip
    • Mountable drying/storage rack included
    • Chemical resistant handle material
    • Metal-Free construction to prevent scratching
    • Ultra-Soft bristle material for delicate surfaces