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  • The D-Lime 90 Kit

    The D-Lime 90 Kit

    This is an awesome solution for removing tar and asphalt build up off any surface as well as tree sap or adhesives. Just top off the iK HC TR 1 with D-Lime 90 and your ready to go!

    Chem-X D-Lime 90 Citrus Degreaser and Asphalt Remover is the optimal way to remove grease, tar and even hardened asphalt build up on any non-porous surface. This impressive formula will effortlessly eliminate any sticky obnoxious mess while still being safe and in itself environmentally friendly. If you have the daunting chore of removing adhesives, inks, petroleum greases or chewing gum D-Lime 90 is your answer.

    The IK HC TR1 Sprayer is the best hand sprayer we could find for our asphalt remover, D-Lime. This is a light and handy trigger sprayer that incorporates a base for greater stability, a color coded content identification system and a translucent tank that allows to check the level of liquid inside.

    The Rag Company's Edgeless Miner™ is an outstanding edgeless dual-pile microfiber towel that doesn't mind doing the dirty work for you. Featuring 365 GSM (Grams per Square Meter).


    • D-Lime 90 Citrus Degreaser & Asphalt Remover (32oz)
    • iK HC TR 1
    • Rag Company Edgeless Miner Towels (5 Pack)



    1. Apply D-lime 90 to Edgeless Minor Towel.

    2. Wipe away the gunk.

    3. Rinse with soap and water. 


    1. Use D-Lime 90 undiluted through a sprayer.

    2. Apply liberally to the surface, let soak, reapply as needed or until desired results are reached.

    3. Rinse with hot soapy water.