The Silencer Kit

Nozzle Size

The Silencer Kit is our bare bones foaming system, this professional but affordable package is completely plug and play. The Suttner ST-160 Single Chemical Injector is the most efficient and durable foam injector on the market, with a dilution range from 12:1 to 200:1. The chemical gets injected back at the power washer fully eliminating foamer bottles at the gun. To engage in super foam mode simply switch from your rinse nozzle to The Silencer Foam Nozzle and get ready to lay it on real thick . It is safe to say that the ST-160 combined with The Silencer Foam Nozzle will use 4-5 times less soap than your standard injector, in return that equals 4-5 times more money in your pocket. Not only do you get the benefit of efficiency but you also get further cling time allowing work on larger areas and less soap run off. Foam is the future and it's time to embrace it!

-Must be sized according to your current nozzle size. If nozzle size is unknown, please call us with the gpm and psi of your power washer.


  • Stainless Steel Injector (9 metering/dosing nozzles included)
  • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
  • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000psi
  • Rated for 194 degree water
  • Uses one chemical at a time 
  • Automatic reliable chemical dosing up to 200:1
  • Fully rebuild-able and no moving parts
  • Can be attached to almost any power washer just like a downstream injector
  • Installed after pump and before high psi hose


    * Install Directions:

    1. Connect ST-160 injector after power washer and before your high psi hose. 

    • The ST-160 will be made ready with a stainless 3/8" quick connect plug on the inlet and a stainless 3/8" quick connect socket on the outlet. 

    2. Place red chemical pick up tube into Liquid-X

    3. Foam all of the things!

    -Injector will be set to run at 100:1 unless specified otherwise, this can be changed by simply changing metering tip inside injector barb.

    -If using a hot water machine, scale build up from your coil can plug injector or foam head. On start up always run with injector in rinse mode for about 30-60 seconds to flush out any build up.

    -If a jumper hose is needed to go from your power washer to ST-160 injector please see our selection of hoses in accessories.

    -This item usually ships within one week of order. 




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