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Detailer - Chem-X
Detailer - Chem-X
Detailer - Chem-X
Detailer - Chem-X
Detailer - Chem-X


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*The detail spray formerly known as "The Sauce" is now called "Detailer."

Detailer is a similar polymer finish to our Liquid-X wash, but in this application method a much thicker coating is left with extreme depth and water resistance that just won't quit! Polymers are known to last 5x longer then carnauba wax, protecting your vehicle for the duration!

Detailer will leave a long lasting, high gloss sheen on the surface of any recently washed vehicle. It easily removes water spots, dust, pollen, fingerprints and even polish residue. 

  • Excellent on paint and chrome
  • Leaves a wet look finish
  • Quick application
  • Removes water spots and dust
  • Rejuvenates molded surfaces


Applying  Detailer is a breeze. Simply mist on to any clean surface and buff dry with a clean microfiber towel. Works best if vehicle is dry and cool to the touch.


For best experience use with our Chem-X Mist Sprayer and an Application Microfiber to make a quick first pass, then a clean fluffy microfiber towel to buff once dry. 

*All quart bottles come with a sprayer

 -Not recommended for glass.

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