The Mezzo valve provides a two-way shuttle valve system in a sleek light weight style. It is full shut-off when engaged on one side or the other which offers full pressure on the left or right side. Derived from the Italian word for 'Middle,' this valve serves as an intermediary two way system, replacing the need for a three-way ball valve and allows the user to keep their foam cannon and nozzle in one place.

Why use the Mezzo valve

The Mezzo "Toro" Dual pipe version was made specifically for two step / stage wash applications when you're using a low pH and a high pH wash solution. In stage 1 Chem-X "Stars" Low pH Pre Soak will effectively eat through contaminates such as brake dust and bugs and restore the shine to your clear coat and metallic finishes, removing oxidization from aluminums. In stage 2 Chem-X "Stripes" High pH Neutralizer will shock the pH levels neutral, releasing the bond holding on road films, and helping remove oils or greases from the surface of the vehicle

Two stage wash systems are popular in fleet washing because of how much time is saved and is also most commonly found at drive-thru car washes where non contact systems are used. 

This lance has universal stainless steel fittings installed and can be used on any 1/4" coupler. This Item will arrive fully assembled with a side handle fitting pre mounted.

*PF22 Foam Cannons and SGS28 Squeeze Trigger not included.

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