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  • The Silencer Kit: Suttner ST-160 Foam Injector + ST-75 Foamer

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    The Silencer kit

    This simple, efficient and durable foaming system features the Suttner ST-160 Foaming Injector and the Suttner ST-75 Foamer. This system solves the biggest problem with all foam cannons which is the refills by injecting the chemical at the outlet of the power washer. The ST-160 utilizes dosing nozzles for automatic dilution with a range of 10:1 to 200:1, completely eliminating all guess work when it comes to the strength of your soap. We set these injectors to draw at 100:1 which is 1% of the GPM, perfect for our super concentrated soaps. This equals 4-5 times less soap than standard injectors. Not only do you get the benefit of efficiency but you also get further cling time allowing work on larger areas and less soap run off.
    This professional but affordable package is completely plug and play. To install, plug the ST-160 Injector onto the outlet of your power washer. To engage foam mode, attach your ST-75 Foamer to the gun or lance outlet. To switch back to rinse, reattach your rinse nozzle.


    1. Suttner ST-160 Single Foaming Chemical Injector
    2. Pick Up Tube Option: Choose Safe Flow Lid OR Standard Pick Up Tube
    3. Suttner ST-75 Foamer Complete with 1/4" QC Plug
    4. Liquid Option: Choose One OR None


    SUTTNER ST-160 Injector

    The Suttner ST-160 Single Chemical Injector is the most efficient and durable foam injector available, with a dilution range from 10:1 to 200:1. Constructed completely from high quality stainless steel and no moving parts this injector was built to last.
    • Plug + Play
    • Uses 4-5x Less Soap Than Traditional Style Injectors
    • 9 Dosing Nozzles Included
    • Durable Stainless Steel Construction

    *Other downstream injectors must be removed from your machine.
    *Limited to 150' of power washer hose after the injector.
    *ST-160 injectors come standard with a 3/8" QC Plug on the inlet and a 3/8" QC Coupling on the outlet. QC orientation can be reversed upon request.


    Your choice of pick up tube strainer style

    Both styles come with 10' of pick tube that can be cut to any length.

    SAFE FLOW LIDS provide safe and convenient dispensing of chemicals from 1 gallon containers. The threaded lid keeps out contaminants, prevents chemical splashing and spillage. These unique, heavy-duty, machined polypropylene lids attach to a chemical pick up tube with a 1/4" hose barb and can be quickly unscrewed and attached to another container or easily removed and stored. Includes a hastelloy strainer and suction assembly to place inside the chemical container.

    STANDARD pick up tube with weight & strainer. Compatible with 1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails & 55 gallon drums. 



    The compact ST-75 produces thick foam for an easy application with out any mixing or refilling. The quick connect plug makes swapping from the ST-75 to your rinse nozzle quick and easy.
  • Can Be Attached At Gun Or At End Of Lance. (Lance & Gun Not Included)
  • Produces Thick Foam 
  • Durable Construction 
  • Installed 1/4" Quick Connect Plug
  • Easy To Use
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      LIQUID-X: Our most extreme foaming mitt wash formulated to leave a polymer barrier on your vehicle that generates beading and protects the surface.

      HEAVY DUTY: An extremely flexible foaming truck wash that can tackle anything from a simple maintenance wash to heavy degreasing.

      SNAKE OIL: Our touchless Si02 ceramic foam sealant. Adds an extremely durable hydrophobic layer of protection to any and all vehicles.

      M-SHINE: A high foaming polished aluminum cleaner and maintainer.

      FOAM: A high foaming mitt wash without any additives. 


      How to Install

      1. Connect ST-160 injector after power washer and before your high psi hose. The ST-160 will be made ready with a stainless 3/8" quick connect plug on the inlet and a stainless 3/8" quick connect socket on the the outlet.

      2. Place chemical pick up tube directly into soap.

      3. Foam all of the things!

      • Injector will be set to run at 100:1 unless specified otherwise, this can be changed by simply changing metering tip inside injector barb.
      • If using a hot water machine, scale build up from your coil can plug injector or foam head. On start up always run with injector in rinse mode for about 30-60 seconds to flush out any build up.
      • If a jumper hose is needed to go from your power washer to ST-160 injector please see our selection of hoses.


      Figure out Your current rinse nozzle size

      Use the chart below to figure out your nozzle size. You will need your power washer's current GPM and PSI. This information is usually found on a sticker located on your machine.

      ST-164/ST-160 Dosing Nozzle RATIO + PERCENTAGE Chart 

      The chart below shows dosing nozzle size (opening) and the percentage of draw when the chemical used has the same viscosity as water. 

      How To Repair Common Issues on Suttner Foam Gear


      SUTTNER ST-160

      • Stainless Steel Injector (9 metering/dosing nozzles included)
      • Min/Max Flow Rate: 1-6gpm
      • Min/Max PSI: 1000-4000psi
      • Rated for 194 degree water
      • Uses one chemical at a time 

      SUTTNER ST-75 Foamer

      • Pressure: 4000 PSI
      • Flow Rate: 1-6 GPM
      • Temperature: 212° F