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The Touchless Foam Cannon Kit Stars+Stripes Edition - Chem-X

The Touchless Foam Cannon Kit Stars+Stripes Edition

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Chem-X Stars+Stripes when combined on the vehicle surface create the ultimate touchless wash. These formulas are designed for everything from the most high end show trucks and trailers to cars, motorcycles, hot rods, RV's, buses and construction equipment.


(2) MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannons

(1ga) Chem-X Stars Super Concentrate

(1ga) Chem-X Stripes Super Concentrate

(1) Vented Funnel

MTM PF22.2 Specs:

  • Adjustable Chemical Injection Knob
  • Single Cast Plated Brass Body
  • Replaceable Filter
  • New Sturdy Wide Base Bottle
  • Adjustable Fan Blades (jet-wide)
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern (horizontal or vertical)
  • Foams well between 1,100-5,000 PSI 
  • Will work on 1.8-5.3 GPM power washers
  • Rated up to 140℉ water



Fill first foamer bottle with 3/4(750ml) water, fill remaing 1/4(250ml) with Stars Super Concentrate. Fill second foamer with 3/4 water, fill remaining 1/4 with Stripes Super Concentrate.

Set adjustment knob on top of foamers to minimum, this will conserve soap usage and frequency of refills. If needed tighten knob toward plus to increase foam thickness and performance for extra dirty jobs or road film that has baked on for a long period of time.


Foam Stars onto vehicle switch foamer and go directly over Stars with Stripes. Apply these foams in manageably sized sections working from bottom up. Keep in mind the goal of being able to rinse the soaps off before they have a chance to dry. Ideally each soap would have about 1-2 minutes of cling time before getting either neutralized or rinsed.

Once an area has been foamed with both steps begin a high psi rinse. When rinsing we recommend an up close rinse. We find it works best to rinse from the bottom up, by doing this you can use the foam line to keep track of where you have hit with high psi rinse.** 

 - Ideal strength is determined after seeing the results of the first wash, the goal is to use as little soap as possible while getting a great wash. Two things that help get an effective touchless wash are good soft water and also heated water up to 140 degrees if available.

- Try not to wash in direct sunlight as this will greatly accelerate drying. When washing mirror polished aluminum always make sure aluminum is cool to the touch before applying soap and never let soaps dry. If you are just off the road and you have polished fuel tanks avoid washing until tanks are cool.

- If using a hot water machine, scale build up from your coil can plug the foam filter. On start up always run power washer line clear before attaching foamer for about 30-60 seconds to flush out any build up. You can find replacement pads here. 


Foam Cannons will only work on machines that have a pressure-actuated unloader. With a pressure-actuated unloader you will have an instant snap/pop of full pressure when the trigger is pulled. **This is what you want for a foam cannon to operate. 

With a flow actuated unloader you will have a smooth ramp up from low to high pressure when the trigger is pulled. **This style will not work with foam cannons. Foam Cannons do not operate on pressure washers that have flow-sensing/flow-actuated unloaders. Typically, you will have pulsing foam indicating pressure spikes and drops which the flow-actuated unloaders cannot accommodate. 

If you would like assistance to confirm what style unloader you have we can be reached at or (800)624-5403. **Once a product is opened or used it can no longer be returned. 

*Remember to always wear your PPE

(personal protective equipment)

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